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 How to make your airsoft gun more accurate

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PostSubject: How to make your airsoft gun more accurate   How to make your airsoft gun more accurate Icon_minitimeMon Jul 26, 2010 8:34 pm

Many people ask, "How do I make my airsoft gun more accurate?" Well, almost every gun is different and each upgrade will effect each gun differently. the most common upgrade people want is a high powered spring. well, this usually does not help the accuracy of your airsoft gun, but in some cases it does help to keep the BB from blowing in the wind since there is more power behind them. but putting a heavy spring in your AEG can put a lot of wear and tear on your gearbox, the gears and piston specifically. if you decide to upgrade your spring you will need to upgrade many other parts of your gearbox such as; your gears, piston, piston head, spring guide, bearings or bushings, motor, and battery. on top of all of these upgrades, you will need to shim the gears of your gearbox correctly also so you do not strip your gears. these things can get very pricey, complicated, and make your AEG break down more often. now, i am not saying spring upgrades are bad. i am just saying that you do not need to go crazy with super heavy springs. if your gun shoots about 350 FPS, then maybe a Madbull m110 spring will do the trick to get you shooting closer to 400 FPS without doing a number on your gearbox. what i am going to list are things that do not put wear on your AEG and will improve the accuracy of the gun a great deal with out spending a fortune on parts. FPS is not everything!!
First things first, figure out the inner barrel length. for example, on the Echo 1 Stag-15 All Metal, the stock inner barrel length is 300mm. now the gun has an outer barrel that will accept inner barrels up to 363mm in length. in this case you would want to upgrade to a tightbore barrel that is 363mm in length. the inner diameter also can vary. The barrel i chose for my Echo 1 Stag-15 All Metal is the Madbull 6.03mm inner diameter 363mm length tightbore barrel. it is 63mm longer than the stock barrel which will increase my accuracy just by adding those mm's. also the barrel is about .04mm tighter on the inside which hugs the bb tighter in the barrel so it does not bounce around while traveling down the barrel. being that the bb is squeezed tighter inside the barrel, it keeps more air behind the bb which will make things smoother, more accurate, and will also increase your fps. my feet per second went from 360fps to 375 just by installing this inner barrel. along with the inner barrel, i also installed the Madbull Shark Velocity Enhanced Bucking with the Fishbone X Balancer which does a great job stabilizing the BB while in the hop-up chamber at the same time increasing the fps about 5 fps, not much but everything helps.
so i installed my tightbore barrel and hop-up bucking and my gun is shooting right around the 373fps-378fps mark with a .23g BB. my accuracy and range greatly increased a huge deal. i can hit a stop sign from about 200 feet 8 out of 10 times.
if you want more accuracy, shoot a heavier BB. i upgraded to a .25g BB and i can still only hit the sign 8 out of 10 but the grouping is much closer together and more consistent.
after playing with the tightbore barrel and bucking a few times, i decided to upgrade my airseal nozzle. the stock airseal nozzle is not very good from Echo 1. i went with the Modify airseal nozzle with an o-ring built in on the inside of the nozzle to seal the air from escaping the barrel and going elsewhere. just by adding this nozzle my fps was increased about 5 more fps and my accuracy became even MORE consistent. i am up to 9 out of 10 hits on the stop sign from about 200 feet with .25g BB. now my gun is shooting just over 380fps consistently. now i am very happy with my accuracy. just buy installing those simple upgrades my fps increased almost 20 feet per second more than it was. i wanted just a little bit more fps. so i went out a purchased a Modify Aluminum Piston Head with the Thrust Bearing, the Modify Rotary Spring Guide with Ball Bearing, and the Modify Cylinder Head with double o-rings. the features of these parts are;
-Modify Aluminum Piston Head with the Thrust Bearing-better compression for more airflow. and thrust bearing for less spring twisting and binding for less stress on the spring and a bit more compression of the spring.
-Modify Rotary Spring Guide with Ball Bearing-less stress on the spring because of the ball bearing rotating. also compressing the spring just a bit more because of the ball bearing spacer.
-Modify Cylinder Head with double o-rings-better compression of the piston head for more airflow and 2 o-rings to make sure no air escapes out of the chamber.


With all of these parts installed on my Echo 1 Stag 15 All Metal my accuracy and feet per second has increased a great deal without putting any stress on the gearbox what-so-ever. actually i have taken stress off on the gearbox because of the ball bearings on the piston head and spring guide. i highly recommend all of these upgrades for any AEG if you are looking for cheap upgrades that give you an edge over your competition.

All of these parts were purchased from East Coast Extreme and installed by their tech. They are very knowledgeable of airsoft and will walk you through anything you need to know.

Pictures of all the upgrades done to my Echo 1 Stag-15 All Metal (JP-01 MB) that i bought from East Coast Extreme in Coral Springs, Florida.
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PostSubject: Re: How to make your airsoft gun more accurate   How to make your airsoft gun more accurate Icon_minitimeMon Jul 26, 2010 9:12 pm

awesome post. we love to hear it when our customers are happy!

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How to make your airsoft gun more accurate
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