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 Echo 1 Stag Arms M4 All Metal

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PostSubject: Echo 1 Stag Arms M4 All Metal   Echo 1 Stag Arms M4 All Metal Icon_minitimeMon Mar 29, 2010 5:21 pm

Echo 1 Stag Arms M4 All Metal

For 2009, Echo has released an updated, metal body version of their wildly popular Stag Arms Licensed M4A1 Carbine.

The M4A1 is recognized around the world as the gun the U.S. military uses to win wars around the around. The M4 is a variant of the 50 year old M16 and comes in many styles and mods. The M4A1 is the most recognized version and features a LE collapsible stock and removable carry handle w/rail.

Echo has revamped the internals on this gun with an upgraded 8mm mechbox, and MOSFET switch. These improvements lead to a reliable, well-built piece of hardware and make it one of the best deals on full metal body M4 out there.

The retractable stock and hand guard have a slightly textured finish that feels good to the touch and provides a sure grip. The gearbox sounds smooth and the matte black finish of the body makes this one sharp rifle.

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Echo 1 Stag Arms M4 All Metal
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