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PostSubject: BLANDING IS BACK   BLANDING IS BACK Icon_minitimeSat Sep 11, 2010 2:42 pm

Players will be shooting ONLY DXS Custom ECOFILL Military Paintballs at this event.


The southern version of “CASTLE CONQUEST”, the Longest Running and Largest “Attack & Defend” Game in paintball, traditionally played at EMR Paintball Park in New Milford, PA. This game has always been defined as “Pure Paintball Insanity” at its finest.

Blue and Deuce are recreating this game, in a brand new format, using the infamous Blanding MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) Training Site for a true “Town Attack & Defend”. The odds of Attackers versus Defenders will be 3 to 1. The Attackers will reinsert from the woods and the Defenders will reinsert from within the town.

There are numerous Objective “Props” for the Attackers to retrieve throughout the town. The “Props” will be located both inside and outside the buildings, within the town borders. Some examples of the “Props” are a Bus, Truck, Computer, Ale Keg, Safe, and a Key to the city.

The Attackers must recover all of the “Props”, return them to their insertion point, and turn them in within 6 hours to “Win” the game. If the Attackers are not successful, the Defenders will be declared the winners.

Kevin Cassidy of Team DICIPLES will be leading the Defenders against Bill “DUNCAN” Dunlap, who will be leading the Attackers.

If the “BLANDING CONQUEST” is over within 3 hours, there will be a one-hour break, new Defenders picked, and a second “Town Attack & Defend” game will be held. Any Player wishing to be a Defender for the second game should report to the Stage immediately after the first game to be counted and taped up.

Saturday Evening After the “BLANDING CONQUEST” game on Saturday, there will be open play pick-up games run until dark.

Sunday A “Hybrid Scenario” based on an EMR favorite game, “WESTERN WARS” that pits the SOLDIERS AND SETTLERS against the NATIVE WARRIORS. Bill “CHIEF DUNCAN” Dunlap will be leading the fierce NATIVE WRRIORS against Kevin “SHOOT EM UP” Cassidy commanding the SOLDIERS & SETTLERS. This game will encompass the entire town and the surrounding woods of the Blanding MOUT. There will be multiple flag stations located within the town, throughout the surrounding woods and in the drainage ditch that will be checked every half hour for points.

There will also be various props, scattered throughout the play area that will be worth points if returned to the command post. Missions will be issued every half hour to the commanders that, if completed, will be worth points.

This game will be capped at 900 PLAYERS ONLY, pitting 225 Defenders against 675 Attackers on Saturday for the ATTACK and DEFEND and 450 Soldiers and Settlers against 450 Native

Warriors on Sunday for the WESTERN WARS game.


The “Guaranteed” 125 Defender’s Slots for Saturday’s Game will be assigned to the first 125 players to Pre-register as a Defender. Anyone that wishes to defend is encouraged to get their Pre-Registration in early to be sure to obtain a Defender Slot. Defender Slots are filled months in advance of the “CASTLE CONQUEST” at EMR and we expect the same for this game, so don’t delay!

Once the 125 Defender Slots are filled, additional players requesting a Defender Slot will be added to a “Standby List”. For every 40 players that attend over 500 players, another 10 defenders will be added to the defense from the “Standby List”.

KEVIN CASSIDY and his team 12 DISCIPLES will be leading the Defenders along with Teams DELTA , DOOM TROOPERS, EXILED SOULS, and various individuals including Dale Ford of the The Ford Report and his teammates on The SOUTH BEACH PIMPS, Jason “FOOLYBEAR” Lineberger from APG Magazine, VOODOO, and various members of BLUE’S CREW. They are already signed up and ready to take on the 3 to 1 odds.

Any Defender that has not checked in and registered by 10:00 am on Saturday morning will be dropped from the Defenders list and replaced with someone from the “Standby List”.


The Attackers for Saturday’s Game are being led by Scenario Game producer Bill “DUNCAN” Dunlap who will be joined by a multitude of teams in their attempt to take the town.

Sunday SOLDIERS AND SETTLERS: Commander Kevin “SHOOT EM ALL” Cassidy will be leading the Soldiers and Settlers in trying to take over the frontier.

Sunday NATIVE WARRIORS: Bill “CHIEF DUNCAN” Dunlap will be leading the NATIVE WARRIORS in their fight to drive the Settlers and Soldiers from their land.


Blanding MOUT Training Site is a is a “FULL-SIZE” Town, complete with a multitude of 1-4 story buildings constructed of concrete block with doorways, windows, and stairways. The Town features 16 different building complexes bordered by a large drainage ditch and woods.

This game will be capped at 900 PLAYERS ONLY, No Exceptions!


Because of the huge expense and planning involved in producing this event, Pre-Registration will end one month before the Event (1/14/11)

TO REGISTER ON-LINE with a CREDIT CARD via PAYPAL, http://www.bluescrewtv.com/Blanding/blandingreg.html

TO REGISTER BY MAIL with a CHECK or MONEY ORDER, http://www.bluescrewtv.com/Blanding/blandingreg.html

Age Requirements

MINIMUM AGE required to play in the “BLANDING CONQUEST” is 10 years old.

Players 10 & 11 year olds MUST have an adult of 18 years of age or older playing with them.

We recommend that no-one under 16 plays as a Defender, due to the intense close up fighting within the city walls.

ALL players under 18 years old must have a Liability Waiver/Medical Release completely filled out and signed by a parent to play.


Because of the Increased Clean-Up Costs, Increased Staffing Costs, Increased Paintball Costs and Preparation Time at this venue, there will be a considerable difference in cost between “Pre-Paid” Entry & Paint and “Walk-On” Entry & Paint to help with planning. Teams and Players may Pre-Register and Purchase Paintballs at the same time or separately any time up until the Pre-Reg Deadline date of 1/14/11.

Weekend Entry

Includes Saturday’s “BLANDING CONQUEST”, Saturday’s “Open Play” until Dark, and Sunday’s “HYBRID GAME”. Entry also includes weekend camping.
Pre-Paid Entry ( Before 1/14/11 ) $50
Walk On Entry ( After 1/14/11 ) $70


Players will be shooting ONLY DXS Custom ECOFILL Military Paintballs at this event. To get the Quantity Discount for 25 or more cases, all cases must be purchased at one time on one purchase.
1 Case, 2000 Balls ( Before 1/14/11 ) [ 1 -24 Cases ] $65
1 Case, 2000 Balls ( Before 1/14/11 ) [ 25+ Cases ] $60
1 Case, 2000 Balls ( After 1/14/11 ) $75

Compressed Air / CO2

Bottles will be tagged and inspected when Air is paid for. NO bottles may be used that are past inspection date for hydro test.
UNLIMITED Compressed Air $20 per bottle
UNLIMITED CO2 $20 per bottle
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