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 College Paintball Leagues And Teams Now Forming!‏

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College Paintball Leagues And Teams Now Forming!‏ Empty
PostSubject: College Paintball Leagues And Teams Now Forming!‏   College Paintball Leagues And Teams Now Forming!‏ Icon_minitimeTue Sep 14, 2010 9:18 pm

College Paintball Leagues And Teams Now Forming!‏ 10_EMP_NCPA_ConsumerSignup_Eblast

Getting Started in College Paintball

First Steps

If you are lucky, there is already a paintball club or team at your school. The best way to find out if your college already has a club or team is to check the NCPA College Paintball Club List. If you do not find your school listed, you may also want to contact your school's Student Activities Office and ask them, as it is possible that a club exists that has just not listed themselves yet. (Make sure you let them know to add themselves to the list so the next person can find them!)

If your school does not already have a club or team, you'll need to start one - but don't worry, this is much easier than it sounds!

There are two paths to getting established, and you can do one or both. One is to work with your school to become an official organization, and the other is to gather together enough players to play NCPA events. Chances are you'll want to do both, and each will reinforce the other, but getting recognized and playing events are still generally two separate (but parallel) endeavours.

Playing Events

The easiest of the two is playing events - all you need to start playing NCPA tournaments is 5 eligible players.

Of course, the more players you can find, the better off your team will be. In the long term, the best way to recruit players is to have a paintball club (see below), but in the short term you might consider visiting local fields to talk to other players and the field owner and to post flyers looking for players at your college, and by posting flyers around your school. Don't forget about technology! One of the best ways to find players at your school is just search for "paintball" in Facebook. You can do similar seaches in myspace.

Starting an Official Student Organization

Starting an official student organization at your school is a bit more complicated than playing events, but still fairly easy. The big upside to becoming official is you will probably have access to funding from your school, and free money is always good.

The complicated part is that every school is different. Your school may only have student organizations, or only have sports clubs, or it might have both, or it might have something else entirely. And on top of that, how those are funded, and for how much, will be different as well. Some schools you can get more money as a sports club, others as a student organization. So what you first need to do is find out what types of organizations are available, how they are funded, and what the process is for starting one. The vast majority of NCPA teams are organized as student organizations (not sports clubs), so your best place to start is with a visit to your student activities office. Ask what the process is for starting a new student organization. Colleges usually have many student organizations, so the process should be well-defined. Once you know what the process is, do it. It will probably include things like having a faculty advisor, a minimum number of interested students, a core group of officers, and perhaps a written constitution. (Search "paintball constitution" on google for examples.) As long as you follow the process, you should not have any trouble starting a paintball club. On the off chance you do, email us (ncpa@college-paintball.com) and we'll help you out.

Once you've done the paperwork to be official, you'll be able to request school support for your organization. Pay particular attention to how your organization is funded. At small schools, funding tends to be controlled by an administrator, who you should make your best friend and see often. At larger schools, student boards tend to control funding, which is an opportunity for you to get your friends elected to that board and award your organization more funding. Most student elections at colleges have poor turnouts, so even a mildly organized campaign can stack the student board with representatives sympathetic to your funding needs.

Don't just focus on funding though - official organizations also get a lot of benefits like ability to reserve rooms for meetings, post fliers, and host booths at activity fairs. Use these opportunities to attract new members - the more people you have in your organization, the more support you can demand from the school, and the more support you'll be able to attract from paintball businesses like your local field and distributors. Nothing will get you a sweet practice deal with your local field like bringing 200 rec players out to play every month.


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College Paintball Leagues And Teams Now Forming!‏
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