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 Real Sword Raising prices

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PostSubject: Real Sword Raising prices   Wed Dec 01, 2010 7:02 am

Read this on another forum, figured I'd spread the word

This is the shorter straight to the point message directly from Real Sword regarding them raising the prices of the airsoft replicas. They do have a heart and say the price increase won't occur until after the holiday season.

"The rising cost in China (labor rose on avg 18%, combined with stricter employment laws and rising material cost since end 2009) necessitates this price rise which was overdue. I have been trying to hold off the price hike as the US economy is a different one than in Asia or in Europe where demand remains very strong. The price will likely rise at the end of this year as I have pleaded not to raise prices before/during the holiday season."
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Real Sword Raising prices
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