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 Adjustments to PSP RaceTo Format and 2011 Season

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Adjustments to PSP RaceTo Format and 2011 Season Empty
PostSubject: Adjustments to PSP RaceTo Format and 2011 Season   Adjustments to PSP RaceTo Format and 2011 Season Icon_minitimeWed Dec 08, 2010 8:44 pm

Adjustments to PSP RaceTo Format and 2011 Season 341

Adjustments to PSP RaceTo Format and 2011 Season

The PSP is taking steps to make it possible for talented players of all sizes, ages and pay grades to compete nationally. Currently, smaller and wealthier players have an edge in the PSP. The field layouts have not been friendly to larger players, and the teams with heavy financial backing can afford to practice the field layout every weekend. It's time to make sure the most talented players are the ones excelling in the PSP, not just the most fortunate.

After speaking with many current and past players of the PSP as well as our Master Sponsors, we have decided to make the following changes:

· Lengthen the field 10 feet per side (Total size will now be 120 x 170 feet)
· Eliminate Pit-side coaching and communication
· Field Layouts will not be released prior to the events
· Adjust position of bunkers to better suit a wider variety of players
· Adjust classification system for D1 - Pro, now that the Semi-Pro division is absent

We're taking the game in a direction that will include more players, as opposed to excluding them as has been done in the past. We need to make sure players can still compete when they turn 30 or are not in a financial position to practice every weekend. We feel this is the right thing to do for our customers and our business as well as the sport and industry.

The PSP is here for the long run. These steps are in an effort to include more people in the game, while still making sure the ones with the best paintball skills win. More information on the 2011 season will be released in the weeks to come at http://www.pspevents.com

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Adjustments to PSP RaceTo Format and 2011 Season
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